Social Media Listening

What is Social  Media Listening

Are you monitoring what people says about you online? Do you use this customer insight to enhance your business?

‘Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room’ Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon.

Social Media listening is the process of monitoring and analyzing what is being said about a company or brand on the Internet.

The insights which brand gather about their customers, prospects, products and competitors with social listening can be valuable in many ways as it help brands to truly understand customer insights throughout the buying process and delivering to those needs.


How social media listening works


Objective – What you actually want to find out

  • Are you trying to draw insight
  • Are You trying to prove any hypothesis

Medium /SourceWe need to be specific with channels . Which channel we want to target to gather insights.

  • Which channel you want to target ?

(facebook , linkedin, twitter , youtube ,Consumer complain forum or all over web).

Scope of WorkYou have to define scope of work which includes target audience & timelines

  • Who – Who you’re researching ? Is it everyone? Or perhaps just customers, or competitors?
  • Geo/Demo
  • Timelines- What duration you want to target

 Monitor & Listen

Customer insight, Trends & Emotions

  • Identify whether the end-users of a product are the actual purchaser
  • Flaws in your product which people are discussing over web
  • Customer complain
  • what people think about something you’ve done, or something a competitor has done
  • You service/Customer care efficiency


Sentiments :  What’s the brand sentiment over web ? Is it positive or negative ? what’s the ratio of positive vs Negative sentiments . if it’s negative, what can be done or action can be taken to manage brand reputation online.. Brand should be very careful while analyzing sentiments over web.

Needs : We have to understand customer needs very well. While analyzing data we should focus what customer want in your product or he is complaining about. It help brands to truly understand customer insights throughout the buying process and delivering to those needs.


Features  :  . What feature do they love about your product or service? What feature do they hate about your product or service? Brand should  interpret the voices, opinions, and sentiments and take action accordingly either for next product launch or  take corrective measure for existing one.

Opportunities :   Brands should generate insights on customer sentiments and aspirations to explore future opportunities . By correlating insights companies can develop precisely targeted products with features.


Social Media Listening tools

Brand watch :

Powerful social media monitoring and analytics tool, chosen by pioneering brands and agencies all over the world.  Brandwatch is a “self-serve application” or software as a service, which archives social media data in order to provide companies with information and the means to track specific segments to analyse their brands’ online presence.

The tool’s coverage includes blogs, news sites, forums and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Users can search data, and use charting, categorisation, sentiment analysis and other features to provide further information and analysis. Brandwatch has access to over 80 million sources.

Source :Wikipedia ,

Adobe Social

Adobe® Social lets you simultaneously monitor thousands of sites across the social web, so you can identify trends, opportunities, and potential business threats. Understand your customers’ journey from engagement to conversion with built-in Adobe Analytics. You’ll be able to overlay engagement and usage data with Adobe Analytics reports to clearly identify what’s driving conversions.

Source :


Radian6 helps companies listen to what people are saying about them online and engage in those conversations across the social web. From blogs and comments to multimedia, boards, forums and communities like Twitter, Radian6 gathers the discussions happening online and gives businesses the ability to analyze, manage, track, and report on their social media monitoring and engagement efforts.

Radian6 provides the social media monitoring platform for marketing, communications and customer support professionals. The company’s flexible dashboard enables monitoring all forms of social media with results appearing in real-time, as discovered.

 Source :

Now go through all tools and start learning about them.

Your feedback, tips,critique and examples will help all of us. please share your views on Social Media listening via comments below.

Happy Learning !

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5 Social Media KPIs that Matter !


How Social Media Marketing is knowing has been changed in dramatic ways.  This is one of the crazy thing about the social media marketing that it’s live and die everyday. New KPIS are coming up .

As a digital marketer we need to focus upon  the economic value from Social media

The economic value from Social will be small compare to paid media (Outdoor , print , Google ads) but that’s ok.

We need to think about short term and long term value which we can bring from our social media effort.

5 key metrics to Measure Social

The great thing about social is that you can interact to your right Target audience at  right time.  We have access to information about how our content is received and acted upon .

When we think about social ,It’s not about how many likes we are getting on facebook or followers on twitter . We need to think about Reach , Influence and Relationship .

Here’s a 5 social media metrics you need to track

  • Action Metric : Is your team posting, scheduling and optimizing content, answering questions and solving problems? This metric will focus on content rate and response time.
    1. Content Rate : The number of pieces of content you produce per period.
    2. Average Response Time: Are you replying to fast to your inquiries from the brand’s social media channel.


  • Reach Metric : Did You grab attention? Reach simply corresponds to the number of fans of your Page who have seen any given communication by your brand.
  • Engagement Metric : Did you cause people to take action.? This is one of the most important areas to measure in social media.How are people participating in the conversation about your brand? Are they liking and replying to your brand message?

This defines how they are interacting and engaging with you .

  • Sharing Metric : Did you cause people to want to share your content? . This metrics focus on your audience and potential audience’s size and growth rate—as well as how often and how well your messages are tapping into that audience. Eg : #Retweet per tweet #Share on facebook


  • SOV Metric : This metric define how well you’re doing on social media, Brand should always consider a share of voice metric. How does the conversation about your brand compare to conversations about your competitors and Industry.


Now Pick your favorite metrics and start tracking them now.

Your feedback, tips,critique and examples will help all of us. please share your views on Social Media KPI via comments below.

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Marketing Cloud War

In this recent article, I highlighted insights about Marketing cloud.

The growing demand for the digital marketing cloud worth more than $US50 billion a year globally .IDC estimates $32.4 billion in marketing technology spending by 2018, growing at 12.4 percent CAGR.

The Marketing Cloud is just another attempt by technology vendors to grow revenue by locking CMOs into a single platform.

What makes a digital marketing cloud?

There are at least 4 components that every digital marketing cloud should be offering

  • Multi-channel marketing automation 
  • Content management tools 
  • Social media tools 
  • Analytics platform


Source :Forrester

Summary of leading marketing clouds.

  • Adobe
  • Oracle
  • IBM
  • Sales force          

Who’s winning the marketing cloud wars?




Since every software company can’t offer all the solutions at once,so each has focused on different aspect . Adobe is focusing on its core strength of content creation and data with AEM & Adobe Analytics where Salesforce is  playing to its social and CRM integration with Radian6 and Buddy Media .Oracle has  great platforms Eloqua for  marketing automation and IBM is placing it bets in commerce.

CMO may adopt a strategy to pick the top product from each marketing cloud and create an integrated marketing solution but having said that he might face core challenge of seamless integration of these platforms with each other !

On this note, I would like to share with you details about  each marketing cloud and their integration in my next blog.

Happy Learning!

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