5 Social Media KPIs that Matter !


How Social Media Marketing is knowing has been changed in dramatic ways.  This is one of the crazy thing about the social media marketing that it’s live and die everyday. New KPIS are coming up .

As a digital marketer we need to focus upon  the economic value from Social media

The economic value from Social will be small compare to paid media (Outdoor , print , Google ads) but that’s ok.

We need to think about short term and long term value which we can bring from our social media effort.

5 key metrics to Measure Social

The great thing about social is that you can interact to your right Target audience at  right time.  We have access to information about how our content is received and acted upon .

When we think about social ,It’s not about how many likes we are getting on facebook or followers on twitter . We need to think about Reach , Influence and Relationship .

Here’s a 5 social media metrics you need to track

  • Action Metric : Is your team posting, scheduling and optimizing content, answering questions and solving problems? This metric will focus on content rate and response time.
    1. Content Rate : The number of pieces of content you produce per period.
    2. Average Response Time: Are you replying to fast to your inquiries from the brand’s social media channel.


  • Reach Metric : Did You grab attention? Reach simply corresponds to the number of fans of your Page who have seen any given communication by your brand.
  • Engagement Metric : Did you cause people to take action.? This is one of the most important areas to measure in social media.How are people participating in the conversation about your brand? Are they liking and replying to your brand message?

This defines how they are interacting and engaging with you .

  • Sharing Metric : Did you cause people to want to share your content? . This metrics focus on your audience and potential audience’s size and growth rate—as well as how often and how well your messages are tapping into that audience. Eg : #Retweet per tweet #Share on facebook


  • SOV Metric : This metric define how well you’re doing on social media, Brand should always consider a share of voice metric. How does the conversation about your brand compare to conversations about your competitors and Industry.


Now Pick your favorite metrics and start tracking them now.

Your feedback, tips,critique and examples will help all of us. please share your views on Social Media KPI via comments below.

Happy Learning !

Thank you.




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